25 Apr 2011

Second Truckin'...

I bought a new toy today. My excuse is it makes a nice addition to the sim... Which is true. However I may be spotted taking a ride around on occasion. I may even be persuaded to take passengers... Anyway, I apologise in advance for any inconvenience or distraction I may cause. But I quite simply LOVE this truck. It is so exquisitely made it is my belief that it DESERVES to be driven.

For those of you interested, it is the 
~JD~ MTF Vintage Truck
Primworks, textures, animations: Jenne Dibou
Scripts, sounds, manual : Mandy Marseille
It's a wonderful item. Kudos to the creators. This vehicle is truly a beautiful thing.

Just wanted to share this find with you :) New stuff from DIGS soon. 
<3 Iris

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