7 Apr 2012

Freya Fan Chair

Hi there everybody!
Okay, so, I KNOW it's been a long time since I released anything new. I've had a really busy few months, and another couple coming up, but I promise you there is lots of new stuff in progress...
Including some meshy bits! 
I'm hoping to get back to doing some fairly regular releases over the summer, so don't forget about me before then, k?
Anyway, new this weekend:
DIGS - Freya Fan Chair
Available in 17 different uphoulstery fabrics - 8 floral prints and 9 solid colours (including an Ivory shade for The White Room @ DIGS)

Stylish and versatile chair containing 26 High Quality single poses in Female, Male and Unisex submenus. 
Crafted with high quality detailed custom textures.
NO Poseballs! Simply Right-Click and Sit, then Left-Click for the animation menu.
So simple to use, and all poses are fully adjustable to fit your avatar, and memorised for each pose, for the 50 most frequent sitters!
Visit the DIGS Mainstore to try the display model!
If you're celebrating it, have a very Happy Easter! If not, I hope you have a great weekend.
Iris <3