9 Feb 2011

Prestige Lamps

.: DIGS - Prestige Floor & Table Lamps :.

Available on the Marketplace in pairs, and Inworld indvidually.
Highly detailed sculpted lamps with heavy antique brass stand. 
Classic lampshades in muted colours. 
Left-Click to Switch ON/OFF. 
Subtle and realistic lighting effects. 
A classic piece of interior decor.

7 Feb 2011


.: DIGS - Beach Towel :.

Vibrant Patterned beach towel containing 25 High Quality single poses in Female, Male and Unisex submenus.
Crafted with high quality detailed custom textures.
4 texture options available via texture-changer menu activated by cushion.
Only 4 prims!
Available in 3 different styles: Surf, Jungle Tiki, Tropic Floral
NO Poseballs! Simply Right-Click and Sit, then Left-Click for the animation menu.
So simple to use, and all poses are fully adjustable to fit your avatar, and memorised for each pose, for the 50 most frequent sitters!
Visit the DIGS Mainstore to try the display model! Available Inworld or at DIGS Marketplace Store.