21 Apr 2011

Every couch has a silver lining...

New Living Room Set from DIGS!
Nolan Living Set
Long elegant curves and linear wood contrasts: this simple contemporary design has a little hint of retro in it. The upholstery has a heavy plush cross-pattern, and as per usual, available in 8 different shades for both Couch and Armchair!

Couch has the standard DIGS XPOSE Couch Engines in all four versions, and the Armchair features 28 single poses using the Perfect Sitter system, with all the usual potential for tweaking and shifting poses to make them fit just right.
Accessories that complement this set include:

 Plus a few other bits of decor: a framed artwork, digital clock, and floating candles. Come by the store and take a look at the set :)
Or of course you can check out what's available on the Marketplace.

That's all from me for today. I wish you all a Happy Easter, if you're celebrating it. If not then a Happy Weekend. Either way. Stay Happy!
<3 Iris

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