29 Apr 2011

... And behind your ears...

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls
- Pablo Picasso
Well, here's some more bathroom stuff for more literal... or... well... "virtual" kinds of washing.
Two washbasins with the same script set-up. Touch the tap to toggle water on/off, and there's even a neat "whooosh"ing faucet sound :)
Three animations in these, Wash Hands, Wash Face, Brush Teeth. Keeping it simple here, nothing fancy, just  quality animations to add a nice touch to your bathroom.
Ondine Washbasin
Nice contemporary design with shelving and draped towel. The cosmetics and toothbrush bits are two separate accessories that you can include if you want, but it's not essential if you want to save on prims :)

Available in 8 different colours. Take a look on the marketplace or at the mainstore!

Destan Washbasin
 A more traditional washbasin, nice turned wood features and decorative handles.
Same as the above with regards to the accessories.
This one is available in 9 different colours, again all available on the marketplace or mainstore.

Well that's all from me for today, but I have something very special coming soon. A true design classic that I hope you will love as much as I do :)
<3 Iris

25 Apr 2011

Second Truckin'...

I bought a new toy today. My excuse is it makes a nice addition to the sim... Which is true. However I may be spotted taking a ride around on occasion. I may even be persuaded to take passengers... Anyway, I apologise in advance for any inconvenience or distraction I may cause. But I quite simply LOVE this truck. It is so exquisitely made it is my belief that it DESERVES to be driven.

For those of you interested, it is the 
~JD~ MTF Vintage Truck
Primworks, textures, animations: Jenne Dibou
Scripts, sounds, manual : Mandy Marseille
It's a wonderful item. Kudos to the creators. This vehicle is truly a beautiful thing.

Just wanted to share this find with you :) New stuff from DIGS soon. 
<3 Iris

"Everything I buy...."

"Everything I buy is Vintage and smells funny. Maybe that's why I don't have a boyfriend."
-Lucy Liu
So here's something new from DIGS; some armchairs with a bit of a life behind them already.
DIGS - Valeria Armchairs
Available in 10 different colour-schemes:

Country Floral, Duck Egg, Vintage Gold, Vintage Rose, Jasmine, Teal Damask, Pink Damask, Tweed, Ribbed Velvet, Teal Stripe.
Each has 30 poses arranged in M/F/U submenus, configured using Perfect Sitter so you can adjust and save your own positions.

Come by the Mainstore Inworld to have a look, or take a peek on the DIGS Marketplace Storefront!

Coming later this week, I hope to have some bathroom bits out on sale. Sinks, Bathroom Accessories & Decor. Some washing things for you to decorate with and to buy me some more time to work on the DIGS Bath Engine.
Mwah  <3

22 Apr 2011

"Hoppy" Easter...

Have a gander at the subscriber group gift this weekend... Make sure you come to the store inworld and sign up to the mailing list if you want it!

Also... The Valeria Armchair (unseasonal version) will be available in 10 different colour-schemes. That'll go out with a separate release sometime next week.
<3 Iris

21 Apr 2011

Every couch has a silver lining...

New Living Room Set from DIGS!
Nolan Living Set
Long elegant curves and linear wood contrasts: this simple contemporary design has a little hint of retro in it. The upholstery has a heavy plush cross-pattern, and as per usual, available in 8 different shades for both Couch and Armchair!

Couch has the standard DIGS XPOSE Couch Engines in all four versions, and the Armchair features 28 single poses using the Perfect Sitter system, with all the usual potential for tweaking and shifting poses to make them fit just right.
Accessories that complement this set include:

 Plus a few other bits of decor: a framed artwork, digital clock, and floating candles. Come by the store and take a look at the set :)
Or of course you can check out what's available on the Marketplace.

That's all from me for today. I wish you all a Happy Easter, if you're celebrating it. If not then a Happy Weekend. Either way. Stay Happy!
<3 Iris

16 Apr 2011

Burning the midnight oil...

It's approaching 4am here. I had a bit of a burst of productivity today following some research. More standalone seating on it's way! Aside from that, I want to try and push the designs a little further, mostly in their upholstery. I'm working with some wonderful new textures and hopefully you'll like what I do with them. I must say I'm quite pleased with the outcomes so far.
As well as new products, I will be starting to release some Limited Edition items. These will be limited to a certain number of sales. They'll be set up on their own vendors, so you'll have to come by and grab them while you can. Yes, the cost will vary depending on the number of editions, but it does mean YOU get to have something rather special. They may be re-textures of existing products, or entirely new items - make sure you keep an eye out for these when they go on sale.
Anyway, enough of this madness before I pass out on my keyboard!
<3 Iris

15 Apr 2011

A Brief Overview...

So, I know a lot has been happening with DIGS in the last couple of weeks. There was the move, the release of many MANY new products, and that alongside the usual day-to-day upkeep of the business really kind of smothered the voice in my head that is usually nagging "UPDATE THE BLOG!". But now I'm getting settled in my new home and things are quietening down a little, the voice has done the opposite and is back with a vengeance.
Now, I realise that to go into the same level of detail as I usually do with each release isn't really feasible. I don't expect anybody to read a blog post the size of War and Peace. So instead I just plan to throw a few pictures up of what's come out since the move, and a few little notes here and there so I can be somewhat satisfied with my DIGS documentation... Oh and the snaps will be tiny to fit more in... Enlarge please! :)
Starting with...

Now the showers came after a lot of requests for bathroom furniture. At this point in time I don't plan to do any full bathroom "sets" like with Living Room and Bedroom, but there will be more bits - bathtubs, towels, accessories e.t.c. and in designs that will complement each other.

The Troyka Bedroom Set: I think of this at this moment in time as the most traditional of the bedroom sets at DIGS. XPOSE-driven bed as usual with with DIGS Bed Engine options, and a rather slinky little bedside chair. I really love this chair - I was aiming for a "satin-esque" sort of sheen on the fabric and I think it worked rather well.
Another favourite part of the set is the group of frosted glass candle-holders. A really nice finishing touch to any room, and you can buy them seperately inworld at the mainstore.

The Marlowe Living Set: Again, another less contemporary set, but possibly the most jam-packed with stuff. Aside from the XPOSE-Powered couch, there's an Armchair AND an Ottoman to match. Oh AND a desk set?! But aside from the big stuff, here's another set with some little decorative gems - the hatstand for instance, complete with tweed hat and draped scarf. And the Light Reading scattered across the Coffee Table. And the set itself is all tied together rather nicely with the elegant turned wood legs.

So now, onto something a little different: DIGS - Baby Grand
She's a beauty! By no means a shiny new instrument. The DIGS Baby Grand has seen a good few years of use. This piece, while a little heavy on the prims for something mostly decorative, is a lot more prim-efficient than many other pianos I've seen. And the fact that it's such a nice accessory does not mean to say that it isn't functional too. The Piano Stool contains two different animated poses for different tempos or moods of playing.

And here are two very versatile seating solutions: The Cody Beanbag and The Padstowe Pouffe.

Both have a whole bunch of sits in them arranged for M / F / U. AND they're both such low prim there's really no excuse not to have one in every room... ahem... really...
And finally my latest big release was today, with the Monaco Lounger Set.
The Bali Sun Loungers proved to be very popular, so now with the same XPOSE engine, here's something a little different. A little more modern, with a more "designer" sort of feel about them. Yes, those cushions may *appear* to be scattered, but they were in fact considered individually and placed with excruciating exactness based on a calculation of every possibly viewing angle.... tis true, tis true...
And alongside the XPOSE couples lounger you may find the singles loungers, named "A Droite" and "A Gauche" for each colour-scheme... because they are basically mirror images of one another, but as such are ideal for placing next to each other as a set. 

At the store you can find the matching sun canopy for the Monaco Set... A nice addition for any of the loungers.

And here's some snaps of the poses, and my first proper commercial shots using the new Shadow Rendering with the Firestorm Preview Viewer.

 OK! That's it from me today. Gift for my inworld subscribers tomorrow - a unique edition of a current product I hope you'll like.
<3 Iris