Store Policy

All support requests should include a record of the relevant transaction(s) whenever possible.

Product Support
Support will be given on all products on request, provided the object has not been modified after purchase.

Transfer Items: Refunds will be provided on request, within 5 days of purchase. All parts of the original product must be returned before any refunds.
Copy Items: No refunds will be given unless in the event of a duplicate purchase, in which case the cost of the second purchase will be refunded on request after receipt of the relevant transaction details.

Items will be redelivered if not received after 24hours of puchase, and payment has been received. Transaction details MUST be provided.

Inventory Loss
DIGS is not responsible for inventory loss; items returned to your inventory by Land Owners or Linden Labs server activity; customer misplaced items; items lost on your land parcel. DIGS deals with these situations on a case-by-case basis. Copyable items will be replaced if customer can provide proof of purchase.
If you cannot locate your item, we suggest you try the following:
  • Check your rezzed items on your land parcel.
  • Check your Objects, Trash, and Lost and Found folders for the item, or any bundled objects that may include the item.
  • Clear your cache and restart Second Life.
  • Consult the Second Life Wiki for information on Inventory Recovery 
All DIGS products are intended for personal use only. Copyable items may not be transferred, and transferrable items may not be copied by ANY means. Items may not be modified beyond their set permissions.

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