25 Apr 2011

"Everything I buy...."

"Everything I buy is Vintage and smells funny. Maybe that's why I don't have a boyfriend."
-Lucy Liu
So here's something new from DIGS; some armchairs with a bit of a life behind them already.
DIGS - Valeria Armchairs
Available in 10 different colour-schemes:

Country Floral, Duck Egg, Vintage Gold, Vintage Rose, Jasmine, Teal Damask, Pink Damask, Tweed, Ribbed Velvet, Teal Stripe.
Each has 30 poses arranged in M/F/U submenus, configured using Perfect Sitter so you can adjust and save your own positions.

Come by the Mainstore Inworld to have a look, or take a peek on the DIGS Marketplace Storefront!

Coming later this week, I hope to have some bathroom bits out on sale. Sinks, Bathroom Accessories & Decor. Some washing things for you to decorate with and to buy me some more time to work on the DIGS Bath Engine.
Mwah  <3

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