8 Apr 2011

DIGS... The Final Frontier....

I know it's been a long while since I have sent you an update. It has been an extraordinarily busy few months for me in SL and RL, but I didn't forget about you! I have a LOT of new releases that will be coming very soon, including...

Troyka Bedroom Set
Marlowe Living Set
Pelagia Shower
Triveni Shower
Baby Grand
Couture Mannequin
Guitar Case Decor
Monaco Lounger Set
Cody Beanbag
Padstowe Pouffe

.... And that's only SOME of it! But here's the catch... These new releases will ONLY be available at the shiny new sim : Terra Felix
I strongly urge you to take the landmark and pay the sim a visit. The store at Beachside Bay will be open another week, but MOST of the new releases are already available at the new store!
(NB... None of the above products are currently available on the Marketplace. Individual release notices will be sent out for each set of listings I complete. Also the sim isn't quite complete yet. There are some empty stores on the sim. One will shortly be the new DIGS Outlet where you will be able to pick up older discounted items before they are eventually retired.)
So HERE'S the slurl

I will take this oppontunity to say a huge HUGE thank you to all of my subscribers, and everyone who has purchased my products, enjoys them, and likes my work enough to follow what I do here in SL. It is thanks to you that I have been able to make this step and move to my own sim. I really hope you like the new store, and the surrounding area. Most of all, I hope you keep enjoying the products!
I will have an extra special opening gift for just my subscribers, so keep a look-out for that in the next week :)

If any of you are interested in keeping updated in other ways with my products, I encourage you to follow this blog. If the blog gets a decent enough following I hope to use it for exclusive contests, so there's an incentive for you ;)
Also, if you're active on Flickr.....

So that's all for now. Keep an eye out for more notices over the next week, the exclusive subscriber gift, news of opening events and contests and the completion of new releases in the new store and on the Marketplace.
I'll leave you with some snaps of the new sim. I hope you pay us a visit <3

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