16 Apr 2011

Burning the midnight oil...

It's approaching 4am here. I had a bit of a burst of productivity today following some research. More standalone seating on it's way! Aside from that, I want to try and push the designs a little further, mostly in their upholstery. I'm working with some wonderful new textures and hopefully you'll like what I do with them. I must say I'm quite pleased with the outcomes so far.
As well as new products, I will be starting to release some Limited Edition items. These will be limited to a certain number of sales. They'll be set up on their own vendors, so you'll have to come by and grab them while you can. Yes, the cost will vary depending on the number of editions, but it does mean YOU get to have something rather special. They may be re-textures of existing products, or entirely new items - make sure you keep an eye out for these when they go on sale.
Anyway, enough of this madness before I pass out on my keyboard!
<3 Iris

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