29 Aug 2011

Moody Monday - Grady Garden Set

DIGS - Grady Garden Set

This exclusive set is available at DIGS today only, at just 55L.

Hurry over and grab it before the day is up! And don't forget to visit the other designers too. This week's list of participating stores and landmarks can be found at the Moody Mondays Shoppers group inworld, or on the Moody Mondays Blog.
Get over to the DIGS Mainstore now and grab this exclusive set for one day only!
<3 Iris

25 Aug 2011


12 Aug 2011


DIGS - Verda Bathtub
Available in 5 different woods!


XPOSE-Powered Bathtub with Additional Scripted Controls
Crafted with very high quality and intricately detailed custom textures.
Detailed and realistic bathtub functions. Plain Water, with Bubbles, or with Petals, and optional Faucet and Steam particles. Realistic water sound. Champagne prop-giver included for romantic "Bath Date" pose.
Contains Over 150 *TOP QUALITY* ANIMATIONS all arranged in easy to navigate menus. Carefully selected from the best animators in SL, and configured with facial expressions for Boy/Girl and Girl/Girl Couples. A breakdown of the poses are as follows:
    Female - 9 poses
    Male - 5 poses
    Unisex - 5 Poses
        Washing - 10 poses
        Cuddles - 10 poses
        Kisses - 6 poses
                - CategoryA - 10 poses
                - CategoryB - 10 poses
                - CategoryC - 12 poses
        Washing - 10 poses
        Cuddles - 10 poses
        Kisses - 9 poses
                - CategoryA - 10 poses
                - CategoryB - 10 poses
Come and try the display models at the DIGS Mainstore!

Available at the store Inworld, or at the DIGS Store on the Marketplace.

More stuff soon to add to the Design Icons Series!
<3 Iris

6 Aug 2011

Take A Seat...

DIGS - Culley Chair 

Classic painted wooden chair. 
Contains 22 High Quality single poses in Female, Male and Unisex submenus.

Available in 12 different colours.



DIGS - Frost Stool

Rustic Painted Wooden Stool with draped fabric. 
Contains 9 High Quality single poses in Female, Male and Unisex submenus.

You can find both at the DIGS Mainstore Inworld, or on the Marketplace.

Have a great weekend!
<3 Iris