28 May 2011

The White Room @ DIGS

A new department has just opened on the DIGS sim. I was getting so many requests for white and light, neutral furniture, I've dedicated a whole department to it! Here at The White Room you will find many of the classic DIGS items you may be familiar with, but in whites/pearls/ivories/beiges.
Items include:
Marlowe Living
Langley Living & Bedroom
Troyka Bedroom
Bali Sun Lounger
The Lovers' Rug
....plus some accessories & home decor. More will be coming soon, and as and when I release new stock.

The White Room is located on it's own parcel, on the square outside the main DIGS store, so you can find it in search as "DIGS - The White Room - Furniture & Prefabs" and can teleport there directly. You will also find "The White Room" teleporters on the teleport signposts, as well as next to relevant displays in the Mainstore.

Here are some snaps I took of The White Room @ DIGS :)
The Lovers' Rug - Bianco / Padstowe Pouffes / Cody Beanbag

Marlowe Living  - Ivory / Olive Ash

Close Up: Marlowe Coffee Table - Olive Ash

Troyka Bedroom - Ivory / Whitewash

Langley Living - Ivory / Whitewash

Langley Bedroom - Ivory / Whitewash

Bali Sun Lounger - Ivory / Constare, Franco, Franca Tables

The View From Outside!

So please come and take a look! Everything can also be found on the marketplace, so be sure to check my newest items (there are about 50 I think!)

Hope you like!
Iris <3

24 May 2011

Bring me Sunshine....

NEW from DIGS:

Maluku Hammock
With Single poses for Female, Male and Unisex, and Couples poses for M/F and F/F couples!
Available in a Complete Version with cuddles, kisses & intimate poses, or the Cuddle Version which has the same engine without the intimate.
Animation Counts: Complete - 136, Cuddle - 70
That equates to a LOT of lounging about in the sunshine. Come by the Mainstore and try it out for yourself!

Available on the Marketplace or at the DIGS Mainstore Inworld.
Hope you like!
<3 Iris

18 May 2011

DIGS for every palette...

5 New Releases from DIGS today. All very different! Starting with...
DIGS - Marilyn Sofa

* DIGS Design Icons * 
Stylish contemporary sofa containing 20 High Quality single poses in Female, Male and Unisex submenus, in EACH cushion. 
Crafted with high quality detailed custom textures.
NO Poseballs! Simply Right-Click and Sit, then Left-Click for the animation menu. 
So simple to use, and all poses are fully adjustable to fit your avatar, and memorised for each pose, for the 50 most frequent sitters!
Part of the DIGS Design Icons Series. 
Inspired by the surrealist painter Salvador Dali, who created a 1930s sofa based on the shape of Mae West's lips, Studio 65 updated this idea in 1972 with it's own sofa based on the iconic actress Marilyn Monroe. 
Available in 4 different colours: Red, Black, Pink, Violet.

DIGS - Gropius Writing Desk

DIGS - Gropius Occasional Table

Both part of the DIGS Design Icons Series. Classic Bauhaus desgin by Walter Gropius.

DIGS - Maiken Towel Cabinet

Classic bathroom towel cabinet with sleek brushed steel handles. High quality realistic shaded textures, and custom sculpts. 
Extremely versatile decor for your bathroom. 
Decorative bits are modifiable, and optional - pick and choose! (Item ranges from 8-22 prims) 
Complements the Maiken Towel Table.
Additional Info: 
This product is packaged as a bundle of 2 objects. 
1. DIGS - Maiken Towel Cabinet (no mod/no copy/trans) 
2. DIGS - Maiken Towel Cabinet Decor (mod/no copy/trans)
You may find it easier to rez this bundled item in build mode for ease of initial positioning. While the main cabinet is no mod, the shelf decor has been left modifiable as a separate object, so that you may choose to include it or not, modify it, use only certain parts, or combine with your own decor.

DIGS - Maiken Towel Table

Classic bathroom towel table with sleek brushed steel accents. High quality realistic shaded textures, and custom sculpts. 
Extremely versatile decor for your bathroom. 
Complements the Maiken Towel Cabinet.

Everything is available on the Marketplace and at the store Inworld!

I'm am expecting this to be the last Design Icons release for a little while. I will be working on some new outdoors and bedroom furniture, since I haven't in a while.
More to come very soon!
<3 Iris

14 May 2011

The home should be the treasure chest of living...

The home should be the treasure chest of living. - Le Corbusier
DIGS - Grand Confort Sofa & Armchair
25 Single Poses in M, F & U submenus.

25 Single Poses in M, F & U submenus in EACH cushion.

Part of the DIGS Design Icons Series.
The Classic Club Chair turned inside-out: Designed by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand in 1929. The Chair's chrome-plated tubular-steel frame holds five orthogonal leather-upholstered cushions.
Available in Black and Brown.

DIGS - Model No. S33
 Mart Stam's Model No. S33 tubular bent-metal chair, was designed for Thonet in 1926, as one fluid piece. Highly influential, this chair led to others by similarly renowned designers.
 Contains 12 HQ single animations in M, F & U submenus.

You can find all these at the Mainstore inworld or on the Marketplace
 That's it from me for today.
Have a good weekend folks :)
<3 Iris

11 May 2011

I was a-splishin' and a splashin'...

NEW! Classic bathtubs from DIGS!

DIGS - Delmare Slipper Bathtub
Available in 5 different colours!

XPOSE-Powered Bathtub with Additional Scripted Controls
Crafted with very high quality and intricately detailed custom textures.
Detailed and realistic bathtub functions. Plain Water, with Bubbles, or with Petals, and optional Faucet and Steam particles. Realistic water sound. Champagne prop-giver included for romantic "Bath Date" pose.
Contains Over 150 *TOP QUALITY* ANIMATIONS all arranged in easy to navigate menus. Carefully selected from the best animators in SL, and configured with facial expressions for Boy/Girl and Girl/Girl Couples. A breakdown of the poses are as follows:
    Female - 9 poses
    Male - 5 poses
    Unisex - 5 Poses
        Washing - 10 poses
        Cuddles - 10 poses
        Kisses - 6 poses
                - CategoryA - 10 poses
                - CategoryB - 10 poses
                - CategoryC - 12 poses
        Washing - 10 poses
        Cuddles - 10 poses
        Kisses - 9 poses
                - CategoryA - 10 poses
                - CategoryB - 10 poses
DIGS - Cupris Antique Bathtub
 With the same scripting and functions as the tub above!

Come and try the display models at the DIGS Mainstore!

Available at the store Inworld, or at the DIGS Store on the Marketplace.

More stuff soon to add to the Design Icons Series!
<3 Iris

7 May 2011

DIGS Design Icons

"Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent." 
- Joe Sparano
 Ok, here's something a little bit different from DIGS. I think many of us are familiar with the stages of design that brought us to where we are today, but for a little while I will be picking out some of the most Iconic of these and bringing them to our Second Lives.
First in the Design Icons series:
DIGS - Barcelona Chair
Classic x-frame chair, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929. Buttoned-leather cushions and shiny chrome frame, in a design instantly recognisable, and frequently mimicked.

27 single poses in Female, Male and Unisex submenus, all easy to adjust by menu. Available in 8 different colours: Oxblood, Tabak, Tan, Chestnut, Black, Green, Blue, Grey.
Shop at the store inworld, or on the Marketplace.

More in this series to come soon
<3 Iris