18 May 2011

DIGS for every palette...

5 New Releases from DIGS today. All very different! Starting with...
DIGS - Marilyn Sofa

* DIGS Design Icons * 
Stylish contemporary sofa containing 20 High Quality single poses in Female, Male and Unisex submenus, in EACH cushion. 
Crafted with high quality detailed custom textures.
NO Poseballs! Simply Right-Click and Sit, then Left-Click for the animation menu. 
So simple to use, and all poses are fully adjustable to fit your avatar, and memorised for each pose, for the 50 most frequent sitters!
Part of the DIGS Design Icons Series. 
Inspired by the surrealist painter Salvador Dali, who created a 1930s sofa based on the shape of Mae West's lips, Studio 65 updated this idea in 1972 with it's own sofa based on the iconic actress Marilyn Monroe. 
Available in 4 different colours: Red, Black, Pink, Violet.

DIGS - Gropius Writing Desk

DIGS - Gropius Occasional Table

Both part of the DIGS Design Icons Series. Classic Bauhaus desgin by Walter Gropius.

DIGS - Maiken Towel Cabinet

Classic bathroom towel cabinet with sleek brushed steel handles. High quality realistic shaded textures, and custom sculpts. 
Extremely versatile decor for your bathroom. 
Decorative bits are modifiable, and optional - pick and choose! (Item ranges from 8-22 prims) 
Complements the Maiken Towel Table.
Additional Info: 
This product is packaged as a bundle of 2 objects. 
1. DIGS - Maiken Towel Cabinet (no mod/no copy/trans) 
2. DIGS - Maiken Towel Cabinet Decor (mod/no copy/trans)
You may find it easier to rez this bundled item in build mode for ease of initial positioning. While the main cabinet is no mod, the shelf decor has been left modifiable as a separate object, so that you may choose to include it or not, modify it, use only certain parts, or combine with your own decor.

DIGS - Maiken Towel Table

Classic bathroom towel table with sleek brushed steel accents. High quality realistic shaded textures, and custom sculpts. 
Extremely versatile decor for your bathroom. 
Complements the Maiken Towel Cabinet.

Everything is available on the Marketplace and at the store Inworld!

I'm am expecting this to be the last Design Icons release for a little while. I will be working on some new outdoors and bedroom furniture, since I haven't in a while.
More to come very soon!
<3 Iris

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