28 May 2011

The White Room @ DIGS

A new department has just opened on the DIGS sim. I was getting so many requests for white and light, neutral furniture, I've dedicated a whole department to it! Here at The White Room you will find many of the classic DIGS items you may be familiar with, but in whites/pearls/ivories/beiges.
Items include:
Marlowe Living
Langley Living & Bedroom
Troyka Bedroom
Bali Sun Lounger
The Lovers' Rug
....plus some accessories & home decor. More will be coming soon, and as and when I release new stock.

The White Room is located on it's own parcel, on the square outside the main DIGS store, so you can find it in search as "DIGS - The White Room - Furniture & Prefabs" and can teleport there directly. You will also find "The White Room" teleporters on the teleport signposts, as well as next to relevant displays in the Mainstore.

Here are some snaps I took of The White Room @ DIGS :)
The Lovers' Rug - Bianco / Padstowe Pouffes / Cody Beanbag

Marlowe Living  - Ivory / Olive Ash

Close Up: Marlowe Coffee Table - Olive Ash

Troyka Bedroom - Ivory / Whitewash

Langley Living - Ivory / Whitewash

Langley Bedroom - Ivory / Whitewash

Bali Sun Lounger - Ivory / Constare, Franco, Franca Tables

The View From Outside!

So please come and take a look! Everything can also be found on the marketplace, so be sure to check my newest items (there are about 50 I think!)

Hope you like!
Iris <3

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