16 Jan 2015

Easton Daybed for The Liaison Collaborative

DIGS is participating in this month's round of The Liason Collaborative! (I'm a bit late, but hoping you'll visit again to take a look at the DIGS item)
This month the theme is "Classic Romance" and is open NOW!

DIGS - Easton Daybed
Crisp white linens on a delicately carved wooden daybed. Choose from 10 frame texture options, and a huge selection of quality animations in both the PG and Adult versions.

The Adult version contains nearly 350 quality animations for single sits, activites, cuddles, kisses and adult poses for MF FF and MM couples.
The PG version contains just over 200 animations, with the same menu as described above, but without the adult poses.

These items are exclusive to TLC for the duration of the event. 
Here's that TP again:
Happy shopping!

<3 Iris

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