1 Aug 2014

Iversen Dining for The Dreaming Tree

Out now, and 50% OFF for the 2nd and 3rd of August for The Dreaming Tree event.
The Dreaming Tree is a new weekly event run by The Liason Collaborative.
Each weekend designers offer themed products at a discounted price.

THEME: Freestyle (N/A)
CREATORS:  Cae / Krystal / Collage / DIGS / OMEN / WetCat Poses / Picture This! Poses / {Wicked Peach} / Coquet / [Haste]/ [sYs] Design / Noodles / ChiMai / ariskea / Exposeur

The Iversen Dining set is another mid-century inspired piece with a contemporary twist. Each chair contains various sits, activities and props for eating, drinking, reading etc.

There are two versions of each chair - one with arms and one without, and each colour pack includes 5 different cushion upholstery options.
The colour packs are: White, Beech, Teak, Walnut, and Black.

Come over to the DIGS Mainstore.
This set is discounted just until the end of the weekend, so hurry!

Have a great weekend!
More soon,

Iris <3

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