4 Jul 2014

Roscoe Camp for The Dreaming Tree

Out now, and 25% OFF for the 5th and 6th of July for The Dreaming Tree event.
The Dreaming Tree is a new weekly event run by The Liason Collaborative.
Each weekend designers offer themed products at a discounted price.

CREATORS:  Krystal / Collage / DIGS / OMEN / WetCat Poses / Picture This! Poses / {Wicked Peach} / Coquet / [Haste]/ [sYs] Design 

The Roscoe Camp contains:
Scripted campfire with particle effects
3 variations of seating logs, each with a capacity of up to 2 avatars independently or as a couple.

The Adult version contains over 350 high quality animations for single avatars and MF, FF and MM couples, with massages, reading, and sunbathing and meditating among extra activities. Book, magazine and laptop props are included.
The PG version contains over 200 animations in the same setup as mentioned above, but without the adult menus. Couples menus with a huge selection of cuddles, kisses, relaxing poses and activities are included.

The logs each have 4 texture options, corresponding to 4 different texture palettes: Neutral, Boho, Floral and Fall.

Come over to the DIGS Mainstore.
This set is discounted just until the end of the weekend, so hurry!

Have a great weekend and happy celebrations for those celebrating today, the 4th!
More soon,

Iris <3

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