25 Apr 2014

The Woodcroft Gazebo

The Woodcroft Gazebo is out now.
Available in 8 different colour options.
Versatile octagonal gazebo for your garden or other outdoor space.
Constructed in one prim, (so may be stretched in any direction without disrupting the fully walkable physics). The land impact is 24 in its current size. Copy/mod so you can stretch or tint.

Click here to visit the store.

More to come very soon, so stay tuned!
Iris <3


  1. The gazebo is not 1 prim....it is 24 LI

    1. Hi MacGyvr,
      I'm sorry for the confusion. I have updated the blog post to better explain what I mean. Mesh can be constructed as one "prim" but that one prim may have any kind of land impact.
      My reason for stating that the item is "one prim" was to explain that the walkable physics and the gazebo itself was not separate linked objects, but in fact one "prim" that may be stretched in any dimensions (linked objects can only be scaled up or down).
      I also said this to explain that whatever modifications or changes to scale or dimension were made, the gazebo's physics would still operate.
      The land impact is clearly stated on my item vendors, as with all my products, but my blog post was not 100% clear about the difference. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention.