24 Feb 2014

Swain Living Set

Out now in the store and on the Marketplace:

DIGS -Swain Living Set

There are 3 upholstery colours to choose from: Tan, Tabac and Black.
The sets can be purchased in PG or Adult versions.

All items can be purchased independently:
DIGS - Swain Couch (Tan/Tabac/Black, PG/Adult)
which seats up to 2 avatars either independently or as a couple. There are menus for MF, FF and MM couples.
Swain Chair Pose Sample

Swain Couch Pose Sample

Also included:

Swain Floor Lamp
Swain Tealight Decor

Swain Furniture Set
Swain Trinket Box

Swain Mirror
Swain Table Lamp

Please do stop by the store to see the display before you purchase.

Happy shopping!

Iris <3

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