6 Jan 2014

Aisling Bedroom Set

Out now in the store and on the Marketplace:

DIGS - Aisling Bedroom Set

There are 3 bed colour options to choose from: Muted, Pastel and Bold. Each of these has 6 texture options accessible by clicking the blanket.
 The sets can be purchased in PG or Adult versions.

All items can be purchased independently:
DIGS - Aisling Bed (Muted/Bold/Pastel, PG/Adult)
which seats up to 2 avatars either independently or as a couple. There are menus for MF, FF and MM couples.

Couples poses
Single poses
DIGS - Aisling Furniture Set (all items also available individually)

DIGS - Aisling Mirror

DIGS - Aisling Bedside Lamp
DIGS - Aisling Bedroom Decor
Please do stop by the store to see the display before you purchase.
Happy shopping!

Iris <3

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