15 Aug 2013

The Garden: Area 51

DIGS is participating in this month's round of The Garden event by The Liason Collaborative.

The theme is Area 51, so give it a visit for retro and sci-fi goodies!
DIGS is offering this mid-century living set:

Douglas Living Set
Available in PG and Adult versions, with single and couples poses in the couch and chairs. The couch has couples poses for MF, FF and MM couples. You can sit, recline, surf the net, drink coffee, eat popcorn, cuddle, or get intimate with this varied and versatile "click & sit" engine.

The set is also easily customised. There are a selection of wood and fabric textures included in the couch, chair, table and lamp, within access-controlled texture menus.

All items can be bought separately, or in a set at a discounted price, and are completely exclusive to The Garden for its duration.


Iris <3

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