12 Apr 2013

Assorted Items for April

Lyon Ombre Dresser
Scripted so you can mix and match your painted or stained wood textures in whatever combination you choose!
5 body textures and 10 drawer textures to choose from.
 Laurence Desk
Wooden roll-top desk with scripted lamp.
Available in White, Pine, Olive, Oak, Black.
 Vesta Fireplace & Rug
Classic fireplace with elegant scripted candles.
Right-click and sit on the cushion, and choose from 10 quality animated poses (for one avatar).

 Foxglove Frames
Cute hanging framed drawings in a pack with 4 different colours.
 Belrose Daybed - Singles
Seats two avatars independently of one another on this tasteful daybed.
The texture menu offers 4 mattress options and 5 wooden frame options.
Engman Desk & Chairs
Available at the Gacha section at 100L per play. The chairs contain animated poses, and can be won in 6 different colours.
The two rare desk sets are also animated.

All items are available in the store or on the marketplace.

That's all from DIGS for today. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

<3 Iris

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