25 Sep 2012

Randall Benches, Hawthorn Chairs & Assorted Decor

More new products from DIGS!

DIGS - Randall Benches [MESH]
A, B, C and D:
 Each bench has a texture menu with different wood options and cushion upholstery.

Touch the bench for the texture menu.

Right-click and sit on the cushion to be animated. The bench seats 1 avatar in any of 18 quality poses.

DIGS - Hawthorn Dining Chairs [MESH]
Each pack contains 4 different chairs with or without arms, and with a wooden or rattan base.

A selection of curtains:

  Each comes with an option with netting and one without. Touch the curtains for a texture menu with 10 colour options.
DIGS - Agustin Fire Pit [MESH]

With a selection of realistic fire particle and sound options.

DIGS - Morel Kitchen Decor Add-On [MESH]

 An add-on for the Morel Kitchen set. Additional shelving and decorative items and appliances to fit the kitchen.

DIGS - Dwight & Arthur Pictures [MESH]

 Each pack contains condensed and scattered arrangements.

All items are available at the store inworld, and on the Marketplace.

Iris <3

16 Sep 2012

Fall 2012 Releases

I've got a bundle of new releases to start this Fall at DIGS:

DIGS - Grange Lamp [MESH]

Classic desk or table lamp. Incredibly detailed mesh! Available in Black, Red, White, Cyan and Yellow.

DIGS - Octavia End Table [MESH]

Versatile 2 prim end table in octagonal design. Available in White, Black and Cream.

DIGS - Octavia Table Lamp [MESH]

Metal and coloured glass table lamp with octagonal theme. Available in White, Cream, Pink, Green and Blue.

DIGS - Hawthorn Set [MESH]

Traditional country style furniture. Items also available separately. Contains: Bookcase, Dresser, End Table, Round Table, Sideboard and Coffee Table.

DIGS - Whitewashed Timber Dining Table

Rustic meets modern. Glass-topped dining table with reclaimed timber. Available in Large, Medium and Square sizes.

DIGS - Whitewashed Timber Mirror

Mirror with reclaimed timber frame. Available in Large, Medium and Small sizes.

DIGS - Astra Ceiling Light

Flower design ceiling light. Available in Ivory, Sand, Ink, Eggplant, Blue, Sage, Mint, Pink and Lavender.

All items are available at the store inworld, and on the Marketplace. Take a look!

More to come very soon...

Iris <3

15 Sep 2012

The Arcade

The Arcade is a quarterly gacha event planned in September, December, March and June.
The first session runs from September 15th - October 15th 2012, and DIGS will be offering:
DIGS - Portman Plan Chest 

DIGS - Klas Tallboy
With texture-changing handles.

Both items will be exclusive to The Arcade for the duration of the session.
75L per try. All items transfer only.

Teleport to The Arcade

Have fun and enjoy the offerings!

Iris <3

9 Sep 2012

Back to School Hunt

For Royal Living Magazine's Back to School Hunt, DIGS is offering Grange Shelving:

Copyable wooden shelves with working lamp. [Contains Mesh]
The hunt prize is on sale at 45L just for these 2 weeks, September 8th - 22nd. Make sure you check out the whole list of participating stores!


Happy Hunting!

Iris <3

2 Sep 2012

Four Walls Hunt

DIGS is participating in the Four Walls Hunt, running from today, September 1st for 2 weeks till the 15th!
Available somewhere in the DIGS Mainstore is:

Two mesh furniture items in copy permissions.
The hunt prize is on sale at 10L just for these 2 weeks. Don't forget to check out what other stores have hidden!


Happy Hunting!

Iris <3