25 Sep 2012

Randall Benches, Hawthorn Chairs & Assorted Decor

More new products from DIGS!

DIGS - Randall Benches [MESH]
A, B, C and D:
 Each bench has a texture menu with different wood options and cushion upholstery.

Touch the bench for the texture menu.

Right-click and sit on the cushion to be animated. The bench seats 1 avatar in any of 18 quality poses.

DIGS - Hawthorn Dining Chairs [MESH]
Each pack contains 4 different chairs with or without arms, and with a wooden or rattan base.

A selection of curtains:

  Each comes with an option with netting and one without. Touch the curtains for a texture menu with 10 colour options.
DIGS - Agustin Fire Pit [MESH]

With a selection of realistic fire particle and sound options.

DIGS - Morel Kitchen Decor Add-On [MESH]

 An add-on for the Morel Kitchen set. Additional shelving and decorative items and appliances to fit the kitchen.

DIGS - Dwight & Arthur Pictures [MESH]

 Each pack contains condensed and scattered arrangements.

All items are available at the store inworld, and on the Marketplace.

Iris <3

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