23 Aug 2012

Ailani Lounger Set

DIGS - Ailani Lounger with Table & Decor [MESH]

Contemporary sun lounger with colour-changing cushion.
Touch the draped towel for texture-change menu and to change access (owner/group/anyone)
Detailed rendered textures.
NO Poseballs! Just right-click and Sit, then left-click for menu!
Contains over 50 Top Quality Non-Static Animations, arranged in Sunbathing, Activites, Unisex, Female and Male menus.
Lounge/Sit/Sunbathe/Read/Surf the Web

Positions are VERY easily adjustable, and memorised for each adjustment of the 50 most frequent users!

Come to the DIGS Mainstore and try the DEMO!

Set is also available on the Marketplace.

Enjoy your summers inworld and in RL!

Iris <3

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