12 Sep 2011

Cairns Living Set

DIGS - Cairns Living Set

A classic living room set featuring subtle striped uphoulstery, gently curved wooden arms and legs, with accent cushions and draped blankets.
Consists of:

DIGS - Cairns Couch



(Complete version with the set, but also available in Straight, Lesbian, Cuddle and Group Seater versions individually)

Complete Engine:
XPOSE-Powered Couch
Crafted with very high quality and intricately detailed custom textures.
Contains OVER 250 *TOP QUALITY* ANIMATIONS all arranged in easy to navigate menus. Carefully selected from the best animators in SL, and configured with facial expressions. A breakdown of the animations are as follows:
        Female - 11 poses
        Male - 8 poses
        Unisex - 21 poses
        2Friends - 10 poses
        3Friends - 7 poses
        Couple+1 - 3 poses
            Cuddles - 22 poses
            Kisses - 12 poses
                CategoryA - 21 poses
                CategoryB - 15 poses
                CategoryC - 13 poses
            Cuddles - 20 poses
            Kisses - 12 poses
                CategoryA - 23 poses
                CategoryB - 18 poses
Come to the DIGS Mainstore and try the display model!
The XPOSE engine works so smoothly and is extremely user friendly. All poses are adjustable to fit your specific avatar, and these positions are stored even through an engine restart. An information notecard is provided in the menu if you need help with the engine.

DIGS - Cairns Armchair
 Stylish matching armchair containing 28 single poses in Female, Male and Unisex submenus.
NO Poseballs! Simply Right-Click and Sit, then Left-Click for the animation menu. So simple to use, and once again all poses are fully adjustable to fit your avatar, and memorised for each pose, for the 50 most frequent sitters!
DIGS - Cairns Side Table

Large side table with bookshelf and scripted candle with touch ON/OFF switch.

DIGS - Cairns Table Lamp - Brass
DIGS - Cairns Standing Lamp - Brass

Classic brass lamps with one-click switch ON/OFF. Scripted for gentle light and glow for a subtle and realistic effect.

DIGS - Cairns Coffee Table
DIGS - Cairns Light Reading
DIGS ART - Cairns Floral Study - Portrait
DIGS ART - Cairns Floral Study - Square
(Can be viewed and purchased individually in store)

Coffee Table and Side Table are both available in White, to complement the Eton Blue and Steel Blue furnishings.

All items are available at the DIGS Mainstore, and all but some small items of decor are available on the Marketplace.
Come to the store and take a look!

Enjoy your week, folks.

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