3 Dec 2010

Fancy a Fire-Pit?...

.: DIGS - Firepit :.

XPOSE-Powered Fire-Pit
Crafted with very high quality and intricately detailed textures, and highly customisable to suit your decor!
Colour-changing with 8 different cushion and pillow colour-schemes.
Access permitted for Owner Only.
Campfire controls for a realistic fireplace experience - Burn, Smoulder, Glow, Quiet, Smokeless, Sparkless, Extinguish.
You can also set the access to this control, to either All, Owner, or Group.
Contains OVER 260 *TOP QUALITY* ANIMATIONS all arranged in easy to navigate menus. Carefully selected from the best animators in SL, and configured with facial expressions for Boy/Girl and Girl/Girl Couples. A breakdown of the poses are as follows:
        Female - 12 poses
        Male - 6 poses
        Unisex - 15 poses
        2Friends - 9 poses
        3Friends - 8 poses
        4Friends - 5 poses
            Cuddles - 27 poses
            Kisses - 13 poses
                CategoryA - 24 poses
                CategoryB - 14 poses
                CategoryC - 17 poses
            Cuddles - 24 poses
            Kisses - 10 poses
                CategoryA - 23 poses
                CategoryB - 16 poses

Come and try the display model at the DIGS Mainstore!
The XPOSE engine works so smoothly and is extremely user friendly. All poses are adjustable to fit your specific avatar, and these positions are stored even through an engine restart. An information notecard is provided in the menu if you need help with the engine.
Also available in Straight, Lesbian and Cuddle Versions:
Straight Version: OVER 220 ANIMATIONS
Lesbian Version: OVER 170 ANIMATIONS
Cuddle Version: OVER 120 ANIMATIONS

Available at the store Inworld, or at the DIGS Store on the Marketplace

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