5 Sep 2010

Clinging on to Summer...

Out this week, in Store, and on the New Marketplace:
-Singles Version-
This stylishly designed exotic sun lounger has been crafted with highly detailed custom baked textures and shadows. Its plush cushions and softly rumpled draped fabric make it a beautiful addition to any beach, garden, deck or poolside.

Now for the numbers 'n' stuff...
The lounger contains 33 Top Quality Non-Static Animations, arranged in Unisex, Female and Male menus (11 animations in each). They consist of sits, leans, lounges, naps, sunbathing, even applying lotion!

 NO Poseballs! This is my first product using Perfect Sitter, and I can safely say its one of my favourite new gadgets! It certainly makes furniture easy to use. Just right-click and Sit, then left-click for menu! Positions are VERY easily adjustable, and memorised for each adjustment of the 50 most frequent users! It'll even remember how you were sitting last! Come, on... how cool is that?? A cut above other sit scripts, no doubt about it.

Come to the Mainstore and try the DEMO!
Available in seven different colour themes: Coral, Ecru, Indigo, Olive, Sangria, Senna and Viridian.
... And in the not too distant future I will put together some couples versions *adds to the list*

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