27 Nov 2015

Hartley Coffee Table for FLF

The Hartley Coffee Table is out now and reduced for Fifty Linden Friday on 27th November!

Click here to visit the store. 
Please join the Fifty Linden Fridays group inworld, or follow our Flickr for updates from our designers!
Every Friday, a group of designers will place an item in the front of their mainstore marked down for 50L. The item might be something from the store marked down, or maybe an exclusive, special item.  Each week the designers and items will rotate.  The items will be available from 12am SLT on Friday until 11:59pm SLT on Friday.
This week, the designers are: 

Oleander 􀀀
Livalle 􀀃Drift 􀀄Luxuria 􀀅Glow Studios 􀀁Funky Junk 􀀍ANE 􀀉Ingenue 􀀊DIGS 􀀆Wasabi Pills 􀀇Pilot 􀀎BALACLAVA!! 􀀂Kirin 􀀋


More to come soon!

Iris <3

20 Nov 2015

Cowley Fireplace for The Neighbourhood

The Cowley Fireplace with scripted fire and singles and couples poses is out now for The Neighbourhood!

Available for 150L for The Neighbourhood on November 21st!

Click here to visit the store.
Every Saturday, a select group of home and garden designers will participate once a month as part of a rotation, and will put out a new item at the front of their mainstore. Items will be new, or a new and exclusive recolour of an existing item, and will be priced at 200L for 24 hours.

Rounds will be on every Saturday at midnight and will end at 11:59PM. Management is not responsible for stores missing their turns.

Cheeky Pea 
Serenity Style 
Dysfunctional Designs
22769 ~ [bauwerk]
Have a great weekend,

Iris <3  

Raphael Bed for Shiny Shabby

DIGS is participating in this month's Shiny Shabby event!
You can get the new Raphael Bed in either PG or Adult versions, each with white, gothic, and bohemian texture themes.
The bed contains the newest DIGS bed engine which seats singles, couples, and 3somes.

Teleport to Shiny Shabby!

More to come very soon!

Iris <3

14 Nov 2015

Landry Armchair for GEN-Neutral

DIGS is participating in this month's round of new event GEN-Neutral!
GEN-Neutral is an event designed to serve the purpose of outfitting gender non-conformists with high quality options from the best designers on the grid.

DIGS is offering the Landry Armchair - a contemporary twist on retro design in muted colours.
The chair is exclusive to GEN-Neutral for the duration of the event.

Teleport to GEN-Neutral!

More to come very soon!

Iris <3