18 Oct 2013

:: Subscriber Notice ::

This is a quick post to say that due to a mishap this week, I had to reset my subscriber system.

I was able to recover almost all of my subscribers from my backup, HOWEVER the most recent 50-75 subscribers have been lost.

If you, or someone you know may have joined the subscriber system recently, please do come by the store and check that you're still on it (or just IM me and I can add your name manually if that's easier).

Apologies for the inconvenience. I'll be keeping backups more frequently from now on.


Iris <3

13 Oct 2013

Beaufort Set & Leaf Mirrors

The Beaufort Sunlounger Set is now out on general sale in the mainstore and on the maretplace!
You can buy PG or Adult versions of the set, or sunlounger, or buy the accessories separately.

Also out today is the Leaf Mirror in natural colours. Versatile fall decor for your home.
That's all for today. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Iris <3

12 Oct 2013

Limited Edition Fall Set - The Neighbourhood

Out now at 200L just for the 12th October for The Neighbourhood!

Pack includes all 7 colours of the the Leaf Mirror and these exclusive recolours of the Warren Short Cabinet and Emmet Chair. The chair and cabinet will NOT be sold in these colours after the event!

Every Saturday, a select group of home and garden designers will participate once a month as part of a rotation, and will put out a new item at the front of their mainstore. Items will be new, or a new and exclusive recolour of an existing item, and will be priced at 200L for 24 hours.

Rounds will be on every Saturday at midnight and will end at 11:59PM. Management is not responsible for stores missing their turns.

This week's participants are:

Trompe Loeil 
RSW Home And Garden 
Eleventh Hour 
Pixel Mode Home 
fri.day home 

Happy shopping!

4 Oct 2013

Panel Closet Doors for FLF

DIGS - Straight Panel Closet Doors - Naturals & Colours
Out for 50L just for today! Come by the store and get it!

Please join the Fifty Linden Fridays group inworld, or follow our Flickr for updates from our designers!
Every Friday, a group of designers will place an item in the front of their mainstore marked down for 50L. The item might be something from the store marked down, or maybe an exclusive, special item.  Each week the designers and items will rotate.  The items will be available from 12am SLT on Friday until 11:59pm SLT on Friday.

This week, the designers are:

Art Dummy 
oOo Studio 
Wasabi Pills 
Adore & Abhor 

Glow Studios 

More to come soon,

Iris <3